3 Commercial Pressure Washing Jobs to Do Now


Last week, we told you why now is generally a good time to get your commercial pressure washing done. But there are more specific tasks that should be taken care of before the cold of winter hits. Read on to find out why you should take care of these three commercial pressure washing jobs now.

  1. Parking lots. Parking lots accumulate lots of grease, oil, and grime. Over time this coating can become quite slippery. You may notice on a rainy day that places in your parking lot are potentially hazardous. The same can be said for when ice forms and snow falls. Clean the surface of your lots now and reduce the risk of slips, falls, and auto accidents later.
  2. Windows. Over the spring and summer months, windows develop a film from dirt and pollen. Wash this away now and your windows will let more light flow in during the dark days of winter.
  3. Building surfaces and siding. Clean the outside of your building, store, or other facilities to create a more welcoming environment for your customers and employees. Doing it now will keep your property looking nicer through the dull months of winter—and will keep it looking better during the frequent rains we sometimes have.

If you’re ready to refresh your property in the Rock Hill, SC or Charlotte, NC area, call Pressure Pros of the Carolinas. We offer commercial pressure washing services that will keep your business looking its best.