Is House Washing Safe for Stucco?


House washing is a specialized technique that gets the exterior of your home clean without causing any damage. But is it safe for all types of homes, such as stucco? At Pressure Pros of the Carolinas, our house washing service is committed to delivering the very best results. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about this process and stucco homes.

Is house washing safe for stucco?

Yes! In fact, house washing is one of the preferred methods for cleaning stucco. This is because house washing or soft washing is more gentle than traditional pressure washing. Stucco walls need the delicate care that house washing provides.

Should I hire a pro to clean my stucco home?

Yes. You should only let a professional perform this type of service. We have the right equipment and training to take care of the work. Maintaining the integrity of your home is always our first priority.

What solutions do professional house washing services use?

Professional-grade cleaning solutions are necessary to properly care for stucco. These solutions can remove mold, mildew, and dirt stains without damaging the integrity of the surface.

When you need to clean your stucco this summer, contact Pressure Pros of the Carolinas. We provide professional house washing service for Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC.