Is Soft Washing Better for Your Home?


When it comes to cleaning the outside of your home, you need to take the utmost care to make sure you don’t cause serious, permanent damage to your siding, brick, or other building materials. Often, people confuse two different home cleaning processes, pressure washing and soft washing. Some may not even realize soft washing exists! However, choosing the wrong type of service can lead to disastrous results. Today, the staff at Pressure Pros of the Carolinas wants to help you determine the very best way to clean the outside of your home. Here’s a quick overview of these two services and why soft washing may be a better choice:

  • Pressure Washing – Pressure washing (sometimes referred to as power washing) uses a high-pressure water spray to deep clean parts of your property that can withstand extreme amounts of water pressure. This includes driveways, walkways, and sidewalks that are made from substances like concrete. If you try to use pressure washing on the sides of your home, it can leave marks or cause damage by weakening or chipping your home’s paint or siding. It can even damage doors and window screens.
  • Soft Washing – Soft washing is exactly what it sounds like. This gentle cleaning process was designed specifically for the protection of a home’s exterior. In order to provide an effective clean, it uses a very low-pressure water spray with tested cleaning solutions. Many homeowners choose soft washing not only to clean the sides of their homes, but also for decks, patios, and other structures that need a gentler touch.

Is it time to spruce up the outside of your home? Give Pressure Pros of the Carolinas a call and let us carefully clean your property today!