Winter’s Coming – Get Your Tennis Court Ready


A tennis court adds real value to your commercial property and the people who visit it. But just like with any recreational area, tennis courts require regular maintenance to stay at their best. With the change in seasons, it’s a good time to consider how the cold weather will affect your court over the coming months. Of all the seasons, winter is probably one of the hardest on tennis courts. As your local provider of tennis court cleaning, Pressure Pros of the Carolinas is here to help. Here are four great ways you can prepare your tennis court for winter:

  1. Get it cleaned – The heavy rain, high temperatures, and sweltering humidity of summer can take a real toll on your hardcourt. So can the wear and tear of frequent use. Professional tennis court cleaning will remove all the dirt and grime that make surfaces look old and beat up.
  2. Take down windscreens – If you have windscreens around your court, be sure to remove them in the fall. Winter winds, ice, and snow can cause damage to soft materials like these.
  3. Remove tennis nets – Lessening the tension in your tennis nets can protect them from the elements. To be on the safe side, take them down and pack them away until spring returns.
  4. Call for necessary repairs – Finally, if you see parts of the court that need repairs, don’t wait until next spring to get them fixed. Winter weather can increase the damage, which could leave you having to pay more to get it fixed.

Get a quote from Pressure Pros of the Carolinas when you need tennis court cleaning or other types of pressure washing this fall.