House Washing & Pressure Washing: What’s the Difference?


In our last post, we talked about a process called house washing that can lead to amazing results in the appearance of your home’s exterior. But is house washing just another name for pressure washing? While the two processes may seem similar to an outside observer, house washing and pressure washing are actually quite different. Here’s what the team at Pressure Pros of the Carolinas wants you to know before you take action in Rock Hill, Lake Wylie, Tega Cay, Fort Mill, greater York County, Charlotte, and the Carolinas.

  • Pressure Washing – Also known as power washing, this process requires that the cleaner use a high-pressure water spray. You must also be as close as possible to any surface that needs cleaning. If done without the proper training, pressure washing can leave odd, graffiti-like marks on your house. It can also result in further damage such as weakening your exterior paint or destroying the screens on your windows or doors. Pressure washing is best done when you work with a professional cleaning service like Pressure Pros of the Carolinas.
  • House Washing – While still a thorough and extensive cleaning process, house washing is more gentle than pressure washing on your home. That’s because it uses a low-pressure water spray combined with grade-A commercial cleaning products to do the job right. It can be used on many different surfaces – and it is much safer to use.

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