3 Tennis Court Maintenance Tips


If you have a tennis court at your home or recreation area, you want to keep it looking its best. In addition to tennis court cleaning, there are other steps you should take to get the most life out of your playing surfaces. Here are three tennis court maintenance tips from the team at Pressure Pros of the Carolinas.

  1. Sweep up and clear out water – Try to sweep your court regularly. Daily checks of your hardcourts will help stop the buildup of leaves and other debris. While you’re checking your tennis courts, take care of any standing water. Remove any water, even small puddles.
  2. Get it resurfaced – Did you know that asphalt and concrete courts need resurfacing every four to five years? In between total resurfacings, get cracks or other minor damage fixed as quickly as you can. This will help reduce the risk of more serious damage that’s expensive to fix.
  3. Call for regular tennis court cleaning – Most importantly, call professionals to pressure wash your tennis courts. It’s the best way to keep them looking like new.

Want to make a better first impression at your club or recreation facility? Call Pressure Pros of the Carolinas for tennis court cleaning.