What is Soft Washing?


Soft washing is a service you’re seeing more and more frequently. It’s a type of house washing that’s offered by many pressure washing companies. But what makes it better than other types of pressure cleaning?

For starters, there are different types of pressure washing for different types of surfaces. Concrete cleaning requires a higher pressure and a different type of chemical solution than what you’d use for vinyl siding or paint. If you try to pressure clean your home yourself or hire a contractor who’s not experienced, you could damage the exterior of your home, the windows, or the landscaping.

This is where soft washing comes in. During this process, pressure washing services will use a lower pressure to clean your home. They’ll also use chemicals that are designed to wash away stains from mold, pollen, dirt, and other biological substances. This combination is designed to clean your siding or paint without causing any damage. You’ll be able to keep your home looking good for years to come. Soft washing can also be used for decks, roofs, patios, and fences.

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